Add an engine to your sales machine 

case study Transforming B2B Customer Care into a profit centre

A new platform for Revenue growth

In the dynamic landscape of B2B, Customer Care isn’t just about answering call, it’s a powerhouse for client satisfaction, loyalty and a platform for revenue growth. The maturity of a B2B Customer Care function isn’t a static checkbox; it’s a spectrum involving query resolution, proactive sales opportunities, and a sync with broader business goals.

Picture this: a mature Customer Care function in a B2B setup is a well-directed orchestra—from quick issue fixes to upselling. It’s not just about happy customers; it’s a revenue driving force and a secret weapon for market dominance.

Our Client’s Challenge and Opportunity

Our client, a significant B2B player, was conscious that the company was not serving as many customers as they wanted. Many smaller but highly profitable customers were served directly only by competition that would enjoy a 100% penetration. From here, an intuition, carve out from the existing Customer care team a small group of motivated reps that would start executing the commercial funnel also with these clients.

They faced obviously significant challenges stemming from structural disparities and operational complexities within its Internal Sales teams. The divergence between decentralized and centralized models hindered synergy, while convoluted informal processes. Recognizing these challenges as an opportunity, we identified the potential to create an internal sales team as it would be adding a powerful engine for growth.

Project Goals:

Our mission was clear:

1.     Transform the Customer Care function from a cost centre into a profit centre.

2.     Free-up field force time to achieve visit-based targets on high-potential customers

3.     Re-engage smallest, high-margin generating customers who are not frequently visited by salesforce

4.    Harmonize the Internal Sales teams’ ways of working, enhancing operational efficiency and customer centricity.

This involved centralization, process streamlining, and competency development to drive productivity and unlock revenue potential.

The approach:

Our transformative approach encompassed 5 steps that comprise all the following elements: meticulous process optimization through KPI alignment, the development of a comprehensive competency model, cultural alignment, tailored incentive structures, and a dedicated evolution of leadership, driving a seamless transition and optimizing performance within our restructured teams. Let’s review them in more detail.

  1. Process Optimization: We meticulously harmonized our processes to align with this division, instituting well-defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that served as guiding beacons for our teams. This enabled us to streamline operations while ensuring every action aligned with our overarching objectives.
  2. Competency Framework: Central to our success was the development and implementation of a comprehensive competency model. This model delineated the requisite skills and capabilities for each role within the newly structured teams, guaranteeing that every team member was ideally suited to their assigned responsibilities.
  3. Talents identification: A pivotal aspect of our transformation was identifying individuals whose attributes resonated with the proactive, sales-driven ethos of a dedicated sales organization. Facilitating their smooth transition to their new roles was crucial, and we meticulously managed this process while maintaining a focus on seamless integration and cultural synergy.
  4. Leadership Evolution: The transition from a reactive customer service model to a proactive, sales-oriented approach demanded a paradigm shift in leadership. We dedicatedly shaped and cultivated a new leadership ethos, empowering our leaders with a fresh mindset that was indispensable in navigating the challenges and opportunities of this evolved landscape
  5. Incentive Structures and Targets: Recognizing the significance of motivation in driving performance, we defined and instituted new incentive systems and targets tailored to the distinctive responsibilities of each team. This not only fueled motivation but also propelled our teams towards surpassing predefined benchmarks.

Navigating Complexity and Ensuring Implementation Success

Navigating the intricacies of transformative changes demands a delicate equilibrium between process optimization, skill development, and organizational realignment.

  • Assuming the mantle of a Project Management Office (PMO), we facilitated a seamless transformational journey by strategically reallocating resources, setting clear targets, and assigning task ownership to ensure milestone achievement for the go-live date.
  • Streamlining operations and refining focus were integral in our approach to ensure executional precision and success during the transitional phase.
  • Beyond the implementation phase, our commitment extended to providing ongoing support in operational aspects, including communication facilitation, proactive conflict management, and nuanced attention to Talent Management and motivation.

Impact Generated: a 3% Sales uplift

The strategic separation of our Call-Center into specialized Inside Sales and Customer Service teams was not merely a restructuring; it was a pivotal evolution that optimized roles, processes, and leadership, resulting in heightened efficiency, targeted performance, and a culture primed for success.

The transformation journey, though complex, is a testimony to our commitment to driving impactful change and fostering operational excellence in the organizations we partner with. This engagement is yielding tangible results. Estimated time savings of 18% and the potential to unlock up to 3%-5% revenue uplift opportunities serving the “C customer segment”, until now not addressed directly by the company.

In conclusion, this case study not only underscores the significance of a mature Customer Care function in the B2B landscape but also illuminates the strategic pathway taken to achieve it. This transformative journey stands as a testament to our commitment to drive impactful change, foster operational excellence, and yield tangible results for the organizations we partner with.