We welcome Independent Professionals who bring
functional, industrial or advisory expertise

Why Eendigo?

Great Projects & Clients

For experts who are seeking to elevate their consulting career, Eendigo presents an unrivaled opportunity. As an Independent Professional, you'll have access to premier transformative projects with global brands directly interacting with large organizations’ CEOs. You will often work with the most prestigious Private Equity Firms and enrich your personal network.

Great Support

Eendigo ensures that Independent Professional are well-supported, providing the resources and infrastructure necessary for seamless project execution. This includes access to our partners to share views and fine-tune your methodology, a team performing the key analysis and a suite of support services designed to ensure your time is invested efficiently.

Great Team

Joining Eendigo means collaborating with some of the brightest minds in the industry, all of whom have honed their skills at leading strategic consultancies or corporations worldwide. Our community thrives on mutual learning and the exchange of innovative ideas, fostering an environment where continuous personal and professional growth is not just encouraged but realized.

Collaborating with Eendigo

Consider collaborating with us as an Independent Consultant, leveraging your functional and industry expertise. Joining our team means becoming part of a comprehensive infrastructure and gaining access to extensive know-how. For those with a consulting background, you'll lead an internal team, overseeing the engagement from start to finish.

"In realizing customers’ commercial excellence programs, my role was complemented by Eendigo's strategic insights. Our approach focused on practical work and actionable plans, fostering team engagement and ensuring successful implementation. This collaborative effort resulted in significant improvement and a strong business case."


Lean Sales Expert

"With a background in the Manufacturing industry and venture capital, my collaboration with Eendigo has been exemplary. Their dedication to achieving substantial client revenue growth and investor returns is unmatched. The flexibility and autonomy they provide make Eendigo an ideal partner for impactful Commercial Excellence projects. I wholeheartedly endorse Eendigo for their unparalleled commitment and results.”


Pharmaceutical Expert

"My experience working with Eendigo is excellent. I had the possibility to work with a highly talented Eendigo consultant who helped me with project delivery. At the same time, I found the thought leadership and methodologies I needed to tackle the client's most complex issues. Finally, the Eendigo team is a group of nice, down-to-earth and smart people it's a real pleasure to work with."


Salesforce Excellence Expert

"In 2023, I worked with Eendigo as an independent consultant. The well-defined methodology of Eendigo smoothed out the initial weeks and provided me an opportunity to incorporate new, effective approaches into my consulting skillset. The level of exposure and ownership I experienced on the project was both real and satisfying, enabling me to make a significant impact from the very first day. In addition, working with the entire Eendigo team was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Livio and Trevor, in particular, served as inspirational mentors during my tenure. This experience will undoubtedly be valuable throughout my career."


Pricing Expert

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