Sales Execution Support (SES), war rooms and Coaching

Coaching is one of the elements that can support and enable execution by unlocking your sales team’s full potential and ensure everyone is onboard with the changes and the plan. Even with a well-developed strategy, a solid go-to-market plan, and an impressive product portfolio, there may be disappointing results if the Teams are not following- through. That’s why we offer tailored mentoring and coaching programs led by seasoned senior executives who have walked in your shoes. With a wealth of experience and industry insights, our coaching services empower your team members to enhance their skills, refine their strategies, and achieve exceptional results. Very often we are asked to transition the company culture from  Reactive to Proactive selling. Our approach includes weekly individual calls to provide personalized guidance and support. Prior to these calls, we initiate a proactive Account Management Program (PAM) designed to teach your team how to proactively engage with and sell to their clients. With Eendigo, you’re not just investing in coaching; you’re investing in a strategic partnership dedicated to driving continuous sales excellence and achieving your sales goals.

The Proactive Account Management (PAM) program is designed to equip sales teams with the skills and strategies needed to proactively engage with clients. Its purpose is to enhance the ability to ask questions, observe customer behaviors, and conduct a SWOT analysis. PAM establishes a link between proactive account management and solution selling, enabling salespeople to identify and prioritize high-value customers effectively. This program also delves into customer segmentation by growth potential, strategies for dealing with competitors, and the use of tools like ABC 123 classification, Pareto analysis, and the relative strength table. Ultimately, PAM empowers sales teams to define the four steps of the solution selling process, set clear goals, and craft actionable plans to achieve them, ensuring a customer-centric and results-driven approach.

In our “War Rooms” Workstream, we generate results by supporting the Sales team with a structured approach combining individual coaching sessions, weekly joint-team meetings and daily stand-up calls. At the end of the program we ensure that the Sales leaders will continue the kicked-off process for sustained results. The key activities or the program consist in ensuring account plans are completed and adopted for all key clients, agreeing on activities focusing on the next five days, planning client visits and their purpose (e.g., retention, cross-selling). We analyze leading indicators, like initial meetings and funnel progress, to identify process health and potential issues. We track weekly and monthly progress not only against targets but in line with the activities agreed. We ensure CRM integration, and reassess goals to ensure accountability. Skill development, individual performance reviews, and team collaboration drive continuous improvement and motivation are also addressed to ensure that everyone contributes and develops.

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