Diagnostics & Value Creation Plan

At the core of our services lies the proprietary Eendigo D2® methodology, meticulously designed to be the driving force behind your top-line growth. We are committed to delivering exceptional results and propelling your business toward new heights. Here’s how Eendigo D2® sets us apart:

Cross-Sell and Upsell, Prospecting Excellence

We provide granular revenue upside estimations by client and product, helping you identify specific areas of growth potential. We excel at uncovering upsell and cross-sell opportunities within your existing customer base while scouting for new prospects and creating a ‘must-win’ battle plan. We start with the ‘Voice of the Customer,’ listening keenly to understand their needs and preferences. In the process we create ad-hoc use cases linked to each segment. Our expertise in whitespace analysis and hunting ensures that no opportunity is left untapped.

We will provide a “Customer and Prospect Database” (CaPDb) with fact-based estimates of growth by client and product or service, guiding your strategic decisions. We also help you identify and engage prescribers in your industry, prioritizing them and creating a go-to-market plan.

Our team excels in scouting and pre-qualifying high-potential prospects, ensuring you focus your efforts where they matter most.

We identify value chain opportunities to further boost growth.

Precision Sales Targeting, Customer segmentation and Use Cases definition

We set precise sales targets (PST®) for your Account Managers, aligning your team’s efforts with your growth objectives. Customer segmentation is at the heart of our enablement strategy, allowing you to prioritize your efforts based on potential. We address customer churn and loyalty, implement bottom-up budgeting strategies, and provide market intelligence that informs your overall strategy and marketing processes.

Indirect Sales Growth: We specialize in pinpointing growth opportunities within channels and devising highly effective Go-To-Market strategies tailored to specific segments, market dynamics, and use cases. Our expertise extends to the selection of essential enablers such as Agents, Partners, and Distributors, where we craft comprehensive Commercial Policies, set Terms and Conditions, and design Discount and Rebate structures. Furthermore, in the pricing realm, we strategically identify incentives, be they financial or non-financial, that drive meaningful behavioral shifts within the indirect channel.

 Execution and results:

We craft strategic account plans for tjey key clients, providing you with a roadmap to success. We connect every outcome to your quarterly objectives and budget phasing

Our Business Development (BD) playbook  helps you identify new opportunities, set-up a coherent organization and establish stage-gate processes to ensure an effective progress.

We support you pragmatically through execution until new revenues materialize

What We Do - Eendigo is one of the leading global Commercial Excellence consultancy.
Entrusted by the leading global Private Equity fund managers and large multinational organizations it provides world-wide delivery capabilities via a team of experts and consultants.
Its mission is to accelerate organic growth with a strong focus on execution.

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