By meticulously examining historical payouts and their correlation with team performance, we lay the foundation for designing incentive plans that truly ignite your salesforce. Our focus is on crafting plans that not only resonate but also motivate, with precisely calibrated incentives, values, targets, thresholds, and kickers, all in perfect alignment with expected ROI and budget considerations. The result is a powerful catalyst for heightened sales performance, elevated customer satisfaction, increased sales team engagement, and a notable reduction in the attrition rate among your top-performing talent

  • In crafting a comprehensive incentives structure, we begin by conducting a thorough analysis of your historical incentive plan performance, evaluating past payout data, and assessing the overall effectiveness of existing processes. Our approach extends to benchmarking your plans against market standards, determining the optimal On-Target Variable (OTV) and On-Target Earnings (OTE) bandwidth. We meticulously design the payout curve, considering variables versus targets, thresholds, caps, and potential accelerators. If your business offers multiple products, we can tailor commission structures accordingly. Furthermore, we address the intricacies of payout frequency, implement true-up mechanisms, and ensure accurate crediting to provide transparency and fairness.
  • When it comes to MBOs and Quotas, we develop a comprehensive framework that incorporates both quantitative and qualitative Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), aligning them with company, team, and individual objectives. Our approach also integrates Individual Potential-based Quota setting, a yearly process that ensures quotas are optimized for each team member. We work with you to establish MBOs and Objectives and Key Results (OKR) that drive your business’s growth and align with your overall strategy.
  • Our focus on Investment ROI ensures that your incentives structure drives tangible returns. We develop a financial model that accounts for ROI, considering factors such as churn, training, and performance improvement. We assist in budget allocation, helping you allocate resources across teams and compare them to their growth potential. Finally, our approach includes an Execution Plan that covers implementation strategies, communication strategies, process enhancements, change management, and the establishment of a Project Management Office (PMO) to ensure the successful execution of your incentive plans and related initiatives

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