List Price, Discounts and Price Execution

  • Price Setting: We begin by conducting a meticulous analysis of your costs and margins by SKU, ensuring your pricing strategy aligns with your financial objectives. Our portfolio strategy optimization helps you make informed decisions about pricing across your product offerings. We specialize in pricing innovation and strategy development to keep you ahead of the competition. Our list price and pricing model tools offer precision and flexibility, while competition benchmarking ensures you remain competitive. We also handle inflation pass-through and provide strategies for successful new price introductions, including third-party pricing and licensing considerations.
  • Discounts, Rebates and Commercial Terms: We provide a clear set of Discounts and Rebates by customer segment and product line maximizing the Share of wallet and Margins growth. Our expertise extends to crafting discounts and rebates matrices that optimize your gross-to-net (GTN) calculations. We guide you through the complexities of pull vs. push strategies, helping you make informed decisions about your commercial agreements and communication terms.
  • Price Infrastructure. We empower your decision-making with customized dashboards, providing real-time insights, governance, revenue management forecasts, and benchmarking data. Our comprehensive approach includes tracking price leakages and monitoring margins. We provide guidance on roles and responsibilities (R&R) and Product Data Management (PDM) to streamline your price infrastructure. Our services also encompass the refinement of processes and tools to enhance your pricing capabilities.
  • Price execution support. Our commitment goes beyond strategy; we ensure seamless execution. We train your sales teams, provide scripts, and cascade pricing objectives throughout the organization. Our price war-room tactics and objection management strategies equip your team to navigate complex pricing scenarios effectively.  

Supporting pricing execution involves a comprehensive approach beginning with product/customer definition and segmentation analysis. We conduct CRM win-loss analysis and assess services, non-standard products, price/volume elasticity, and trade contracts. We help define matrix client/SKU price adjustments, ensuring agility in response to market dynamics.

Surveys gather insights from your sales team and assess client willingness to pay. Workshops help gauge price sensitivity, competitors’ pricing, and client satisfaction. We define target price increases by region, product, customer, and KAM, phasing them accordingly. We identify outliers and establish a price step-approach, followed by an action plan and playbook for argumentation, objections management, and negotiation tactics. Client letters, workshops, and training sessions prepare your team, while change management strategies ensure buy-in from sales leaders. We create tracking tools and testing phases before rolling out the strategy. Continuous support includes assistance to your sales team, tracking client reactions, and sharing success stories. Through training-the-trainer programs and regular meetings, we ensure successful pricing execution in a more streamlined manner

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