Salesforce and Marketing Excellence

Elevate your business’s Salesforce Excellence ensuring effective execution of your go-to-market strategies by defining target markets, objectives, optimizing processes and tactics, refining account segmentation, rebalancing client portfolio allocation. We meticulously handle territory and quota management (T&Q), develop strategic account plans, and focus on churn reduction, retention strategies, and key account management.

  • Sales Operations enhancement are a core component of our service, encompassing the optimization of sales territory allocation and clients allocation rebalancing based on effective customer and prospect potential. We ensure an improved adoption of tools and processes, create/enhance the commercial funnel and sales pipeline management, tracking sales metrics and identifying roadblocks. We assess in detail the time allocation of the salesforce to the value creation activity and recommend improvements. We measure the funnel conversion rate at each step and suggest actionable activities to enhance it.
  • We ensure CRM enablement, transitioning you from the ‘as-is’ state to the ‘to-be’ state for maximum efficiency. Field-force effectiveness is enhanced, win rates are improved, and we provide guidance on roles and sales operations support. Our services extend to marketing support and actionable customer insights, all while redefining the ways of working to streamline your operations.
  • Data management and analysis are at the heart of informed decision-making. We excel in tracking sales performance, creating precise sales forecasts, and facilitating fact-based decision-making to drive success.
  • When it comes to execution, we leave no stone unturned. We cascade sales guidelines to your sales teams, ensuring alignment with your strategy. Our commitment extends to updating systems with new metrics and introducing Management by Objectives (MBO) practices for sustained growth and excellence.

With our Salesforce Excellence services, your sales operation will reach new heights of efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability.

What We Do - Eendigo is one of the leading global Commercial Excellence consultancy.
Entrusted by the leading global Private Equity fund managers and large multinational organizations it provides world-wide delivery capabilities via a team of experts and consultants.
Its mission is to accelerate organic growth with a strong focus on execution.

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